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Sharing nature’s rhythms

Sharing nature’s rhythms

Sharing nature’s rhythms

Sharing nature’s rhythms

Sharing nature’s rhythms

Sharing nature’s rhythms

Oh hello, we're so glad you found us

We are Green Rhapsody, you are welcome in this space

A partnership of Astara Keithia Roshan and Geoffrey King.

We offer a sustainable garden management – horticultural service and planting design.
Our story began 18 years ago. Since then we have worked with a variety of spaces from the smallest courtyard, the creation of a memorial garden to everything in – between.

Our expertise covers all aspects of plant care and planting design. The best horticultural practice ranging from pruning, fruit trees, trees, shrubs, perennials, re-development – renovation of existing and new planting. We work in tandem with the land and natural environment. Our focus is the relationship between humans and the green, living world. Bio-diversity, biophilic design and the inclusion of our native flora and fauna.

Our aim is to encourage you to view and manage your outdoor space differently. From a holistic and Spiritual perspective. A place of inclusivity for the human self and the Soul. With an innate, intimate connection and oneness we all have to nature, the world and each other. From this heart – centered approach we belive everyone has the capacity to create spaces where we co-exist in harmony and balance with nature. Our objective is to support and guide you on this path.

We are always seeking and learning of better ways to be and do in the world. Therefore our approach is progressive as we embrace new concepts and put them into practice.

With formal training in gardening and a life long love of plants and the outdoors. Geoffrey offers you practical skills, solutions and advice on all aspects of garden management and planting. His wealth of experience and expertise means no stone is left unturned when help is required.

Astara trained in art and design for several years gaining a number of Btec qualifications. Culminating by studying for a degree in Ceramics. In 2009 embarking on a degree in Garden Art and Design, commited to studying this degree part time for six years. All the while continuing to work in the business, graduating in 2015 with a 2:1. The final year of this degree and thesis was focused on biophilic design. In conjunction with Geoffrey’s help and support a show garden was built at the Harrogate Flower show, gaining a Bronze medal. Part of this was re – created in the University, six floors up for the final degree show.

Astara combines a love of art and plants to bring creative flair along with practical knowlege of how to put concepts into practice. Latterly studying botanical illustration and being a founding member of the Association of Botanical Artists. An enthusiastic life long learner seeking wisdom and insight into the human condition and the relationship to the natural world .

We are often working on individual projects but quite happily work together to bring ideas to life.

As we continue to evolve so does our business, with three name changes to date.

  • From quirky – ‘Ask-King 4 Gardening’ 2005-2012
  • A tad dull – ‘Damson House Designs’ 2012-2018
  • To just right – ‘Green Rhapsody’ 2018 – present

With our considerable expertise and experience, we aim to help you improve your garden and inspire a different approach.

Gardening with nature

Nature teaches us about the unity of all things. We can create dynamic, balanced and intergrated ecosystems that will offer to sustain and nourish us along with all other creatures that share the land with us. We need a green – fingered revolution to bring nature back into the garden – and this begins with encouraging people to respect and love the land they live on.

Mary Reynolds

We’re here to help