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II would recommend Geoffrey as he is very helpful with giving advise on the garden and what needs to be removed such as Ash which has self seeded in the front garden. Also not to put too many young plants in one pot as they need room to grow without their roots becoming entangled !
At the moment he only mows the lawn but he is friendly and polite and may in the future do more but this is all I need for now.

Jane - 21st April 2018Small garden - Ebberston

Geoffrey gardens with his heart. He's honest, reliable and always eager to share his knowledge, which is boundless. He has worked for me for around three years now. When Fiona accompanies Geoffrey they work together as a pair and it is great to see. They are a delightful, accomplished couple. I can no longer do the garden myself and it is a relief to know it is in good, expert hands and I can enjoy the fruits of his labour

Janet BrooksbankSmall Garden - 8th May 2023

good friendly service, thank you geoffrey

Bridget TillGarden Tidy October 2022

We have just started using Geoffrey as I can no longer manage the garden myself. He obviously has a wide knowledge of plants etc, is very professional and happy to just get on with what needs doing. Just what I wanted, I can now relax knowing my garden is in safe hands. He will be coming on a regular basis and so far has proved very reliable and courteous.

Elizabeth RedgardGardening - 7th August 2019