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Green Rhapsody


A progressive horticulture business with the natural environment at its heart.

Hello, so glad you found us. We are Green Rhapsody.

A sustainable garden management and planting design business. Working in harmony with the cycles of nature. We care deeply for the natural world, managing spaces in a sensitive way.

Our planting works in tandem with our native flora and fauna.

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When it comes to planting design there is a range of options. We can guide you towards the best choice.


We have extensive knowledge of plants and their preferred environmental conditions. We also grow a small range of plants to put into the spaces we develop.


We have worked with many different people in many different places. From the smallest space to large organisations, courtyard spaces to memorial gardens. We are adaptable. One of our key skills is we listen. Listening to our clients, really listening is the foundation upon which relationships are built. It's by listening we understand you and your needs.


The Genius Loci, the Spirit of Place is a key consideration. Each space or place is unique. Understanding this Spirit, working in harmony with the land, the natural habitat, the local flora and fauna, balance and cohesion for all is achieved. We give practical help and advice.